Codici e Comandi AT

1. Call Control

ATA Answer Command
ATD Dial Command
ATH Hang Up Call
ATL Monitor Speaker Loudness
ATM Monitor Speaker Mode
ATO Go On-Line
ATP Set Pulse Dial as Default
ATT Set Tone Dial as Default
AT+CSTA Select Type of Address
AT+CRC Cellular Result Codes

2. Data Card Control Commands

ATI Identification
ATS Select an S-register
ATZ Recall Stored Profile
AT&F Restore Factory Settings
AT&V View Active Configuration
AT&W Store Parameters in Given Profile
AT&Y Select Set as s Powerup Option
AT+CLCK Facility Lock Command
AT+COLP Connected Line Identification Presentation
AT+GCAP Request Complete Capabilities List
AT+GMI Request Manufacturer Identification
AT+GMM Request Model Identification
AT+GMR Request Revision Identification
AT+GSN Request Product Serial Number Identification

3. Phone Control Commands

AT+CBC Battery Charge
AT+CGMI Request Manufacturer Identification
AT+CGMM Request Model Identification
AT+CGMR Request Revision Identification
AT+CGSN Request Product Serial Number Identification
AT+CMEE Report Mobile Equipment Error
AT+CPAS Phone Activity Status
AT+CPBF Find Phone Book Entries

AT+CPBR Read Phone Book Entry
AT+CPBS Select Phone Book Memory Storage
AT+CPBW Write Phone Book Entry
AT+CSCS Select TE Character Set
AT+CSQ Signal Quality

4. Computer Data Card Interface Commands

ATE Command Echo
ATQ Result Code Suppression
ATV Define Response Format
ATX Response Range Selection
AT&C Define DCD Usage
AT&D Define DTR Usage
AT&K Select Flow Control
AT&Q Define Communications Mode Option
AT&S Define DSR Option
AT+ICF DTE-DCE Character Framing
AT+IFC DTE-DCE Local Flow Control
AT+IPR Fixed DTE Rate

5. Reporting Options Commands
AT+CLIP Calling Line Identification Presentation
AT+CR Service Reporting Control
AT+DR Data Compression Reporting
AT+ILRR DTE-DCE Local Rate Reporting

6. Network Communication Parameter Commands

ATB Communications Standard Option
AT+CBST Select Bearer Service Type
AT+CEER Extended Error Report
AT+CRLP Radio Link Protocol
AT+DS Data Compression

7. Miscellaneous Commands

A/ Re-Execute Command Line
AT? Command Help
AT*C Start SMS Interpreter
AT*T Enter SMS Block Mode Protocol
AT*V Activate V.25bis Mode
AT+CESP Enter SMS Block Mode Protocol

8. SMS Commands SMS Text Mode

AT+CSMS Select Message Service
AT+CPMS Preferred Message Storage
AT+CMGF Message Format
AT+CSCA Service Centre Address
AT+CSMP Set Text Mode Parameters
AT+CSDH Show Text Mode Parameters
AT+CSCB Select Cell Broadcast Message Types
AT+CSAS Save Settings
AT+CRES Restore Settings
AT+CNMI New Message Indications to TE
AT+CMGL List Messages
AT+CMGR Read Message
AT+CMGS Send Message
AT+CMSS Send Message from Storage
AT+CMGW Write Message to Memory
AT+CMGD Delete Message


AT+CMGL List Messages
AT+CMGR Read Message
AT+CMGS Send Message
AT+CMGW Write Message to Memory

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