Codici Sony Ericsson K700

Standby Screen:
*#0000# – Reset language back to english
>*<<*<* (>= move joystick right, <=vice versa *=press * key) –> Service Menu
Hold # or c –> Toggle silent mode
More –> Quick options
+ Or – –> Phone Status
+ Or – when clock is showing –> Turns on backlight
Pressing # and * –> Brings up screen saver
Pressing 7 and 9 –>brings up 9p
*#06# –> Brings up IMEI No.
More>Shortcuts –> To change joystick shortcuts
+ Or – Then [Number] –> Quick set volume level e.g. +8 to set at 8.

Press letter in address book–> Goto name beggining with that letter.
Hold down number –> Will take you to the contact with that speed dial in address book.
You can use keypad for fast navigation.

1 –> Toggles Picture size
2 –> Toggles Nightmode
3 –> Toggles Special Effects
4 –> Toggles Self Timer (not in vid)
5 –> Toggles Flashlight
Joystick Up Or Down –> Toggles Zoom
-video mode: 176 – 2x zoom – 128 – 2x 4x zoom
-pic mode: 320 – 2x zoom – 160 – 2x 4x zoom
Put phone in silent –> Mutes camera noise (only on some phones)
Hold * and move joystick down –> Lowers brightness
Hold 0 and move joystick up–>Increases brightness
Use binoculars> Get more than 4x Zoom
Press C after photo taken –> Delete w/o the need to browse through the folders.

Media player:
+ Or – during radio and locked –> Changes radio station when phone is locked.
1 –> Shows estimated time left (seconds)
2 –> Turns it back to normal time view (seconds already past).
Hold + Or – –> Next Track
Use folders –> Organise music e.g. rock and/or get rid of ringtones (create music folder).
*>More –>Can lock keys w/o minimizing.

Find out firmware –> Access service menu (see above) then goto service info>software info and it should be on the top line

Supports Animated wallpapers

Joystick can be customised, ALL four directions.

Settings> display> light> automatic –> Turn the screensaver clock on.

Left softkey when playing slide show –>Pauses slide show.

Create New Bookmark >Name: Sms >URL: sms: >Save >Set Bookmark as Homepage –> Set online Key for SMS.

Name: Email >URL: mailto: –> Same as above but for email.

Hold * >get p- used for skipping voice automated phones e.g. instead of phoning 603123456 then pressing 32 to goto thoes options dial 603123456p3p2.

Send txt file to others folder>send via mms –>Can read txt files.

More when viewing picture –> photo editor (only avliable on 160*120 sized pics).

Photo editor> + Or – –> Effects (ripple, emboss etc).

When replying to txt>More > Add Item > Original Message –> Include original message.

When recieveing a call> – Or + –> Will stop both the vibrate and the ringtone but it will not reject the call.

During call press + then – –> Increases volume to max.

Hidden smilies (in sms):
😡 –> Hidden Kiss Smiley.
:-] –> widesmile
:-[ –> widefrown
[:] –> Robot

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