Trucchi Sony Ericsson Serie P

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Trucchi Sony Ericsson Serie P

Flip Closed then Jog-Up * Jog-Down Jog-Down * Jog-Down * –> Service menu.

Goto the Control Panel > Connections > Internet Accounts > Other tab >Preferred mode to GSM only –> Increase Battery Life.

File manager> open image> choose the folder that the pics are in> check the pictures you want to hide> click on file> properties> check the hidden box –> Hide Pictures.

If you ever find your icons (apps residing in memory stick) missing out all a sudden, don’t reset you phone but simply reload your memory stick.

*#06# –> Shows IMEI No.

Flip Closed then jog dial down * * jog dial down –> Network Lock Menu. Becarfull :Do not mess around in this setting as you could end up permanently locking your phone!

You can have animated gifs for fliped closed wallpaper.

Hold C –> Silent Mode

**61*VoicemailNumber*11*delay#[SEND] –> Diverts unanswered calls to voicemail after a set delay The delay can be anything from 5-30 seconds. Your VoicemailNumber must be your actual voicemail box. Not the short code i.e 121 for example **61*+44123456*11*30# will divert to +44123456 after 30 seconds.

Battery Tap the battery icon in the bottom right and click Settings. Click on the Screen tab and set the Screen saver to None. Click on the Power tab. Set the Light to Auto, Light (car) to Off. Set Power save to either Clock or Blank and Activate after 2-3 minutes. –> Increase Battery Life

View SMS> edit> Show subject –> See more sms in one page.

Flip Closed> Hold Options key –> Go straigt to applications menu.

If you open the flip during a call, the speakerphone function is activated. This lets you continue the conversation while using other functions of the phone.


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